Massachusetts C&I Water Heater, HVAC, and Foodservice Initiatives

The Massachusetts C&I Water Heater and HVAC Initiatives encourage distributors to stock and upsell high-efficiency water heating and HVAC equipment. The Instant Rebates! Foodservice Initiative incentivizes the purchase of high-efficiency foodservice equipment.

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The MA, NH, and RI C&I HVAC and Natural Gas Water Heater Initiatives are now located at New applications should be submitted through the new online portal, and old applications will remain available on this site.

Please contact us at or (617) 440-5467 if you have questions or need access to the new application portal.

Instant Rebates! Foodservice Partners:

To access the MA & RI Instant Rebates! Foodservice Initiative portal, please click here.

Mass Save

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HVAC: email or (617) 440-5467
Water Heaters: email or (617) 440-5468
Foodservice: email or (617) 440-5466
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the website, please contact Energy Solutions.


Mass Save is an initiative sponsored by the Massachusetts natural gas and electric utilities and energy efficiency service providers, including Berkshire Gas, Blackstone Gas Company, Cape Light Compact, Columbia Gas of Massachusetts, Eversource, Liberty Utilities, National Grid, and Unitil. The sponsors of Mass Save work closely with the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources to provide a wide range of services, incentives, trainings, and information promoting energy efficiency that help residents and businesses manage energy use and related costs.